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Worlds of Ink and Shadow by Lena Coakley-A Quick Review by Brandy Michelle

Lena Coakley knows how to spin a web of mystery and suspense that keeps the reading guessing. I loved everything about Worlds of Ink and Shadow. Coakley throws the main characters into their stories, letting them build their stories. However, just like everything in life, you sometimes have to take the good with the bad.

We follow the Bronte children as they create magical worlds and beautiful characters to live out incredible adventures and famous love stories. These stories are their escape from the harsh realities they live with each day that is too much to bear. Who wouldn’t love to be able to jump into their favorite story and become part of it instead of just imagining what it would be? What could be better? Unfortunately, we find out that these magical powers that they possess that allow them to travel to their magical realms come at a higher cost than anyone would be willing to pay. They discover that remaining in their worlds comes at a price and is unwilling to continue as they take matters into their own hands, deciding to leave their dream world with reckless abandonment. The risks for that choice begin to trickle into their reality, realizing that they might be in over their heads, uncertain if they are going mad or if it is all out of their control with all hope becoming lost.

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Lena has weaved together a wonderful, mystical gothic tale that will capture any classic literature lover or one who loves a good mystery-adventure. I cannot say enough to praise Worlds of Ink and Shadow and explain how great it truly is. Worlds of Ink and Shadow is a spellbinding gothic experience for the ages that would make The Brontë’s proud.

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