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Unveiled by Jacklyn Daher-A Quick Review by Brandy Michelle

Unveiled starts off with a girl who has a falling out with her best friend over a guy, but it results in some very strange events and consequences for her. Her entire life begins to unravel and fall into chaos, she thinks she is going crazy most of the time. Honestly as a reader I questioned her sanity a lot of the time. But as the story progressed, I found that something otherworldly was happening and this poor girl has been lied to her entire life by the person she trusts most her mom. It's hard enough being a teen girl and trying to navigate life and just figure out who you are, but she has a whole different side of self-discovery she must go through.

Overall, this story has two things that I love, paranormal events shrouded in mystery and a hot bad boy taking interest in the misfit girl and helping her navigate the ride of her life.

3.5/5-You can purchase Unveiled on, or by clicking on this LINK

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