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The Peculiar Royal Chronicles COVER REVEAL!


#ThePeculiarRoyalChronicles by Alonna Williams

Buy the Original The Peculiar Royal--->

A collection of short stories, set between “A Peculiar Royal” and its sequel, “The Imperiled Heir, continuing the adventures of Prince Tristan Lockridge as he adjusts to royal living! Stories include:

‘Once Upon an Arranged Marriage’, where you learn the story of the arranged marriage of Tristan’s beloved grandparents ‘Once Upon an August Affair’, where Tristan is not so happy to learn about the crush Aliona once had on August ‘Once Upon a Wild Stallion’, in which Tristan’s obsession with a beautiful rogue horse causes him to disobey his grandparents’ orders and leads to serious consequences and more…

Blue Gingham Publishing

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