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The Glass Spare by Lauren DeStefano Book Review

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The Glass Spare is a fantasy world that is beautiful in its violence with kings who hide in their castles, plotting with bloody ruthful vengeance along with kingdoms that each have their own peace of paradise inside of Hell. Inside of this vast world is a girl who tries diligently to gain her father the king’s approval and acceptance of her. This poor girl is an outcast that doesn’t fit in with her family; she doesn’t look like them, and her own brother calls her a monster. Even outside of the safety of the castle walls where she should be able to just be an ordinary girl, she is still an outsider, a freak of nature, not wanted and feared. At her lowest point when she is taken by surprise and thinks things cannot get any worse, fearing her demise, she finds an unlikely ally and possible friend in the one person who should be her sworn enemy.

Lauren DeStefano has done a wonderful job of mixing both magic and mystery together to bring a powerful story of overcoming life’s hardship and family struggles to find the person is destined to be. She portrayed how greed and power can corrupt a man to the point that he sees his children as pawns instead of his most prized achievement. The heartache and pain in this story are so true that you’ll want to reach in and hug the characters because no one should be treated the way they are treated by their fathers. But somehow, even with all that pain they show, they are powerful strong individual who are capable of greatness.

This was a tale of a beautiful terror of a girl who found a broken piece of a boy and helped piece himself together while finding herself at the same time.

5/5 Stars

Review by Brandy Michelle (better_0ff-read) on Instagram #books #bookreviews

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