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The Glass Arrow by Kristen Simmons Book Review

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The Glass Arrow is a unique take on an unsettling dystopian future that no woman ever wants to live through. It has been compared to The Handmaid's Tale but I don't know if I would really compare the two stories because the only similarity the two share is the imprisonment of women for procreation. The Glass Arrow goes a completely different direction and shows that not only the women are imprisoned and made to be less than second class citizens. So many people have their rights and civil liberties stripped from them, making them no more than slaves and servants to higher power men and even some women.

Kristen Simmons has created a terrifyingly realistic world that could become the future for any society if it fell apart and stopped treating people with their equal rights. It's scary to think this is a possibility and may seem like it's far fetched fiction that may never happen, but if there is one thing we have seen over the years throughout history, it is that when basic human rights are removed horror and far fetched fiction becomes reality. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and found myself unable to put it down at times.

Overall, The Glass Arrow is a wonderful adventure of self discovery while overcoming major obstacles and prejudices, in order to get to some kind of peace in a world of chaos and hate.



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