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The Game by Linsey Miller-A Quick Review by Brandy Michelle

The Game by Linsey Miller is a fun and harmless cat and mouse game that soon turns more sinister.

In her senior year of high school, we follow the main character, Lia, as she enters a fake Battle Royale like-game with other kids in her class. What should only be a fun, carefree water tag game with fantastic bragging rights, turns deadly when someone takes the game and puts in their own, murderous, rules. Lia finds that the antagonist is stalking her, and her teammates, to potentially frame her to take the fall.

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This book was a fast easy read, and to be honest, it had a good concept but felt like the execution missed the mark. I saw a lot of the twists coming before they occurred. I didn’t find any surprises with this story as it all felt very predictable and not very fleshed out. The writing was just okay, as it felt like this was the first story the author had ever written. Which, don’t get me wrong, is not a bad thing, but read like a first draft to a level that could have been better as it read too matter of fact like and didn’t flow well.

The story was okay as it didn’t do anything to wow me. I have read other books and watched movies that are similar to this story and were much better. I feel Miller just needed more guidance from her publisher, and maybe she could have had a better novel in The Game. This writer, and book, deserved better. I am sorry to say; I just was not impressed.

3/5 stars

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