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The Court of Miracles By Kester Grant Quick Review

📚🗣Book Review 🗣📚 #TheCourtofMiracles#kestergrant

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The Court of Miracles is a modern twist on the Robin Hood story with the glamour and mystery of the glittering court. The story pulls you from the first page when it explains the rules of the court. You follow our main character, the brave black cat, as she fights, steals and schemes her way into our hearts. She guides us through the dark world of the court of miracles through all the guilds and their members. She sneaks us into the palace where we join her to feast on sweets and join an over the top ball, but danger and treachery hide in every corner. We follow her as she steals from the rich to give to the poor. Kester Grant has an amazing gift, she can build a world and you feel like you are enveloped in it. You will not simply read this as the Court of Miracles will engulf you from the start, transporting you to be one in this world that Kit has created. It was like watching your favorite movie and being sad when it ended. I honestly do not have enough words to say how amazing this story is.


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