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Solving Sophronia by Jennifer Moore, A Quick Review By Brandy Michelle

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Solving Sophronia by Jennifer Moore is a dazzling tale that takes the reader deep into a Victorian Era London where Sherlock Holmes would feel at home. It is a mystery for the ages with some moxy to boot.

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Lady Sophronia shows us how she finds her way in society and truly bucks the system proving that a woman can be more than a pretty face and arm candy for some man. She strikes out on her own against her family’s wishes and most of her own society when she goes to work at the newspaper writing for the society column. For Sophie, this is not her dream job but just a steppingstone toward a greater purpose and she will stop at nothing to get what she wants. I don’t want to give too much away since Moore’s creation take you on a journey, a magical one at that. I really enjoyed her spunk and no-nonsense attitude. She really gives everyone a run for their money, and I like that about her. She continually shows that just because she is a woman, she has much greater value and usefulness if they will just give her the chance to show it. In time they realize she is a valued member of the team and come to rely on her in many ways. She is clever and extremely intelligent; she really thinks outside the box in a way that the other characters find new and interesting. This kind of thinking helps them solve the mystery, but not without some tragedy and suspense along the way. Overall, Solving Sophronia is a story that was a fairly quick read that kept me entertained the entire time.

5/5 stars

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