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Progress Update 6/12/2020

I like to be very transparent when it come to my works, so I have decided to start trying to remember what is going on. Since I have put the major task of releasing two books this year I have been in overtime with not only the new entries in The Solstice Series, but re-editing and in some cases, re-writing part of the first two; Solstice & Equinox.

So here it is. As of right now I am a third of the way through Celestial, the fourth entry. At the same time I am going through Equinox and re-editing that when I am not writing Celestial. The good news now is that the re-release of the original Solstice is pretty much ready and on target for its release in September!

Please feel free to follow my page for updates, reviews, and random ponderings. #solstice #vampires #vampireseries #vampirebooks #saga

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