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Pill Hill is Available Again in Paperback & Digital!

Pill Hill is back again.

After thumbing through it after several years, I decided that I didn't like what I was looking at from an editing perspective. As I've gotten older and written more, I've found that my old habits were not good for my books. So, along with Pill Hill, I have spent the last several weeks going over my novels and giving them a fresh edit.

I hope people discover this book again and get something out of it. It's a personal story and my longest book to date.

An interviewer asked me if I would ever write something other than paranormal stories, and I replied, "When I have something personal to say." Well...this is it.

Here is the link: (see description below)

A Chemically Imbalanced Romance:

Confined to the third floor of an old psychiatric ward located in a hospital on the verge of shutting down, Mason Phillips walks the same hall alongside others that have afflictions that range from obsessive compulsive disorder to schizophrenia. Based on the belief that he does not need help for what ails him mentally, he finds solace in a young woman that sleeps in the room across the hall. Enamored with a woman that he knows nothing about, Mason is faced to converse with other patients about their addictions and phobias as he tries to come to terms with his past and understand others. Sometimes the people that seem different can be the ones that understand the most.

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