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Opium and Absinthe by Lydia Kang-Quick Book Review by Brandy Michelle

You can purchase Opium and Absinthe on Kindle for $4.99, or on Kindle Unlimited. Also available on paperback for $10.99 right now.

Quick Review:

Most of this story was as eye opening and trippy as the characters themselves. We watch the main character, Tillie, spiral out of control with grief and drugs, dealing with the loss of her sister and her uncontrollable addiction. Her inner monologue during these drug induced haze are brillant and insane at times. Almost everyone around is a horrible shallow human being that should really look at themselves closely and stop telling her how to live her life. I really enjoyed when the characters rebelled against her family and went out on her own to solve the mystery and live her own life her own way.

My only gripe is the books description of Gothic Victorian era portrayed it as having a high level of grandeur, but Opium and Absinthe missed the mark towards the end.

3.5 / 5 stars

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Thank you to #lakeunionpublishing and NetGalley for providing me the book in exchange for a honest review.

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