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New Review for Ecliptic!

It's off to a slow start, but that's what I get when I wait too long to write another entry to a series lol.

New review for Ecliptic!


"The terrors of the night grow, threatening to overtake the world in Bryan Dull’s third installment in his exciting and gritty series Ecliptic! The vampire plague has become a pandemic, converting most humans. As if this isn’t a problem enough, there are reports of the undead walking the Earth. Now Solstice and her crew must battle multiple enemies as they struggle to save humanity. I love Solstice as a character, so it’s really fun to see her take center stage in this one. Dull always makes great characters and builds realistic connections, but I also love how he takes classic tropes like vampires and the undead, and makes them feel fresh. Not everything is what it seems in this one, and there is danger lurking for Solstice around every corner. If the post apocalypse is your favorite haunt, definitely crawl your way over to Dull’s dark, imaginative, and gritty series!" -Diabolic Shrimp Reviews #vampires #vampire #apocalyptic #books #indiebooks #solsticesaga #vampirebookseries

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