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My Third Visit to Barnes & Noble for the 50% Off Criterion Sale

So, for the third time this month I decided to buy more movies. Yes, I realize I have a problem but I am starting a collection now I decided since I don't collect much of anything anymore. Plus with no movies really releasing right now, I think its time to broaden my horizons and venture into cinema from others parts of the world. So here is a pic...

So to break it all down, here are the titles from this current haul:

Shallow Grave


Repo Man

Don't Look Now

A Room with a View

Valley of the Dolls

The Ice Storm

The Vanishing


Night of the Living Dead

The Squid and the Whale

If any of these intrigue you, try going to Barnes & Noble and getting your hands on them. IF you can't just click on the title for another buying option.

I'm thinking of doing review videos for films, what do you think? Please like the post and consider signing up to my website for up to date news on blog posts, book review, and about my current/future releases.

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