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It's the beginning of the end...

A few weeks ago, I saw a two star review on my first novel Solstice that said that they loved the series, but hated that the last book was taking too long.

That was the most backhanded compliment of my writing career. As a reader I get the frustration, but as a writer, they can go fuck themselves. I don't write to appease everyone when they feel I should. I write what I think is important to me and maybe others and if taking my time to end Solstice's journey takes twenty years, that is my prerogative. Would you rather me do it quick, or do it right?...

Having said that, I am taking the rest of the year off from writing and will finish this next project that has been stewing in my head for years in 2020. I wrote Pill Hill and Small Hearts before this because I needed to for my own personal sanity and because I thought it was important to write, but now its time to finish what I started over ten years ago...

I dont know if I will write after this as I am disappointed with sales, but love that the people who read my stuff love it both critically and commercially.

Celestial will be the end of the trilogy as almost 18,000 words have been written so far. We have big plans for the previous books as well. Stay tuned.

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