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Got a New 4K Box Set Today!

I had to do it. These are classics and I am too curious about the 4K transfer not to own it!

So far I have watched The Birds and the transfer on that one alone was fantastic. The vista shots across the bay were gorgeous. In this set up, the Psycho UHD does have the option to watch the original directors cut of the film, or the one most have seen on television and such. However, you don't have to buy the box set to get that version of Psycho, there is a standalone version.

I would highly recommend this as a buy if you are a collector of just a Hitchcock fan in general as it does come with the Blu-ray version.

Buy The Alfred Hitchcock Collection Here! (The price dropped today, so take advantage while you can!)

or just get the Psycho Steelbook from Best Buy by clicking HERE

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