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Finally, A Cowboy Bebop Vinyl Soundtrack Releasing!

Anyone who knows me should have common knowledge that I love three things that are not related to my family...Ghostbusters, Dave Matthews Band, and Cowboy Bebop.

Finally, there is a vinyl version of the Cowboy Bebop Soundtrack coming in November! I preordered the colored vinyl, but there is a regular vinyl version as well.

You can order it HERE if you enjoy Cowboy Bebop. Also, HERE for the regular version of it.

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1. Tank! 2. Rush 3. Spokey Dokey 4. Bad Dog No Biscuits 5. Cat Blues


1. Cosmos 2. Space Lion 3. Waltz for Zizi 4. Piano Black 5. Pot City


1. Too Good Too Bad 2. Car 24 3. The Egg and I 4. Felt Tip Pen 5. Rain 6. Digging My Potato 7. Memory


1. What Planet Is This? 2. Diamonds 3. Mushroom Hunting 4. Einstein Groovin’ 5. Pearls

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