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ANNOUNCEMENT! Sewer Drains & Lighthouses Coming to Kindle Vella

I had recently removed my short story compilation, Sewer Drains & Lighthouses, from the stores because I felt there may be something better for it. A new program named, Kindle Vella, is coming to Amazon and the Kindle iOS soon, if not already.

The premise is simple for this program. A author can create a story broken into episodes, each being less than 5000 words, until it is complete. The first three episodes are free and is you want more, you just pay to unlock the next episode for a small price.

The reason I decided to do this was the fast turn around time I could publish shorts. Even if the program isn't successful, at the very least I can take my stories and turn it into a full book eventually.

At the moment, I have uploaded four shorts and have idea for more in the future. Please check it out and give a like, rating, or whatever they'll do.

#horror #shortstories #paranormal #books #kindlevella #iOS

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