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All the Flowers in Paris Book Review by Brandy Michelle

#BookReview #AllTheFlowersinParis Sarah Jio, Author

Purchase All the Flowers in Paris Today!---> All the Flowers in Paris was unexpected because I thought it would be like other stories from that time that just jump into the occupation and see more about what the soldiers do and how they treated people. This story shows that in some ways, but it goes much deeper.

We take a look inside two different worlds; one is modern times with a woman (Caroline) who lives in an apartment who has been in accident and has lost her memory. She is trying to piece her life together and figure out who she is, but along the way she not only finds herself, she also finds the other world that Celine lives in Nazi occupied Paris with her young daughter Cosi.

We learn about Caroline as her memory gradually comes back and she realizes who the people around her really are, all the while we are watching in horror and amazement as Celine persevere in an a world that many people would have given up and lost all hope. Both women in parallel worlds that are so different yet so alike so that even in the face of unimaginable pain and evil we can overcome. There is a tomorrow and there is good in the world. Sometimes you just have to look ahead and find the good in the next day.

All the Flowers in Paris is a soul piercing tale set in WWII that is both beautiful and devastating.

5/5 Stars

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