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#48 & #47 From My 50 Favorite Films of all Time...

I decided on #48 on being Mad Max: Fury Road and #47 on Moneyball. It was a hard choice. Hell, a lot of these films were a hard choice to make because I love them all in different ways. I like Moneyball and its simplicity of talking about an occurrence that happened with the Oakland A's and how a radical idea was laughed at only to prove its effectiveness in the end.

Mad Max is just a whole other best. They just don't do action like this much anymore it seems. They way this movie was made from a screenplay that seemed like it was nothing but grunts and short sentences came off great. George Miller is a masterclass, from the first Mad Max and even Happy Feet in its own way. I look forward to the next film in this universe, if it even is made.

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