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The Complete Solstice Saga Paperback Collection (23% OFF) Limited Time Offer w/ Free Shipping!

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Grab the complete collection today for $29.99 and save 23% off the normal retail price of all four books! It's like getting the fourth book for free! Take advantage of this limited time offer today! All books are autographed by the author.

Order includes autographed copies of Solstice, Equinox, Ecliptic, and Celestial. No refunds on items.

"Bryan Dull has produced a very successful debut novel, I would most definitely recommend to paranormal & horror lovers!"~Bex& Books Blog

"Solstice provides a great deal of action, horror, friendship & aspects of love. Pretty much ticking all of the boxes"~Addicted to Books Book Review Blog

"I have to say this was one of the most creative & dark vampire books & I loved that about it."~Delphina Reads Too Much Blog

"A fantastical story which faces one, & even more, of our evils in today's society."~Lovetiggi Book Reviews Blog

"An action-packed race to the finish line." Lisa Rayns (author of A Destined Death)
"Gripping... Leaves you wanting more!" Mary Ting (bestselling author of the Crossroads Saga)

"This story had me laughing, crying, and gripping my seat every
Inch of the way." Beth Wright (author of Vultar's Heart, Body and Soul Mate Series)

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